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Australie: World Solar Challenge

In 1982, the Australian Hans Tholstrup built the "Quiet Achiever", not electric vehicle

Team Solar Cells. In 1983, he crossed with son experimental vehicle Australia 20
days (Perth to Sydney, Or 4129 km). Then he imagined an international competition Whose
But would most BROWSE QUICKLY as possible 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide, Using
ONLY solar energy.
The Prime Minister is out Donated 1 November 1987 to the first 23 participants ministers, not only
7 On Arrival succeed. The competition is now June SINCE international reference and
Whereas an event Taking place every two years in Australia. During a solar Cars
That cross the country from north to south through June Average speed of 100 kmh The best pay.

The next edition in October 2015 is, But We Mink editing 2017. We Have Already
University, an experience in the field, but many CE project is Solar Vehicle
Ambitious as well. Interdisciplinary Issues Who are going to ask prior to completion